REVIEW – The Great Gatsby (2013)

I love Gatsby.  I love the character, I love the story and maybe one day I’ll love this film.  For now, this is just the better-than-I-thought Gatsby.  But let me tell you a bit more about that, old sport. I loved Jay Gatsby as soon as I first met him.  Well, like the people at […]

REVIEW – Foxcatcher

It has been said many times that truth is stranger than fiction.  “Based on a true story” (a phrase that seems ready-made for Hollywood and a liberal dose of poetic licence), Foxcatcher a strange movie featuring a strange person who starts behaving increasingly, err, strangely.  It tells a fascinating story and has a better sense of tension than most horror movies. […]

REVIEW – Star Wars: The Force Awakens

“Give the people what they want.”  It sounds simple doesn’t it, but try telling that to George Lucas. Because what we want is something both fresh and familiar.  At the same time, nostalgia fills in the plot holes and edits out the clunkier dialogue of the original trilogy, so even those films aren’t a patch on the […]

Backwards compatibility, but at a price: is PS4 still “for the players”?

Last week, PS4 added “backwards compatibility” – starting with just 8 “fan favourite” PS2 games but no doubt growing over time.  Combined with Playstation Now (Sony’s impressive but expensive game-streaming service) this means PS4 owners have access to a huge catalogue of games from the past 20 years of Playstation.  Together with Shuhei Yoshida’s recent announcement that Sony are working on PS4 streaming to PC and Mac Sony appear to […]

Pneuma review (XBOne) – a breath of fresh air

Whatever some politicians and the Daily Mail would have you believe, not all games are about killing and dismemberment.  I enjoy a shooter as much as the next person but sometimes your mind and gamepad crave something different.  Pneuma is definitely that, and it thoroughly deserves your attention.  Currently (until 30th November) available for free as one of the Games with […]

SPECTRE review – a better, balanced Bond

Expectation is a dangerous thing.   In a world of teasers, trailers and Twitter, it’s all too easy to get over-excited to the point where even the best movie (or game, or book, or … ) can leave you cold.   I was in real danger of this happening with SPECTRE.  From general anticipation, through the excitement of the title […]

Crazy Stupid Love review – this one’s a keeper

Crazy Stupid Love (2011, rated 12A) opens with Cal (Steve Carell) and his wife Emily (Julianne Moore) in the middle of what might just be the world’s most unsuccessful “date night”.   Stuck in a rut and  some comfortable clothing, we see them go through the motions with a mechanical efficiency.  They are a couple on completely different wavelengths – he wants […]