Like Elvis in ‘68, Hollywood has decided that 2015 is a great year for a comeback.  Three massive franchises are being resurrected this year with loads of hype, plenty of fond memories and a combined 30 year gap since their previous entries.  Yep, we’re old.

But while I can’t wait for Star Wars and always had a good feeling about Jurassic World, I feel nothing but dread about Terminator Genisys.  And it’s not just the ridiculous, spell-check hating title.

The original was an absolute classic.  A stripped back piece of grade-A sci-fi with a simple but brilliant story and spot-on casting.  Then, just like he did with Aliens five years earlier, James Cameron took us through the gears with T2: Judgement day, delivering non-stop action and arguably one the greatest chase movies ever made.  I’d also recommend The Sarah Connor Chronicles, a TV show that ran for 2 seasons from 2008 and starred Lena Headey (Game of Thrones) and the awesome Summer Glau.  It was actually pretty good but it was on Fox so, inevitably, it got cancelled just as it started to get going.

But sadly, in the 24 years since T2 came out, the films have been all over the place – both on and off the screen.  Losing both Linda Hamilton and Edward Furlong can’t have helped the third movie but the decision to write out Sarah Connor (they recast John) was a huge call.  Terminator Salvation gave us new owners, our third John Connor and a quick glimpse of a CGI Schwarzenegger while the real one was off governating.  The films shared pretty much nothing with either the original or T2.  In fact, they also shared very little with each other (except for both being spectacularly mediocre), only adding to the feeling that this is now a series without any clear direction.

And now, another six years on, we have Terminator Genisys.  Despite James Cameron’s surprising endorsement, it’s hard to see this being a return to form for the series.  We have new owners again, yet another new John Connor, a trailer that appears to show us the whole the damn movie, approximately 1 million Arnies (I didn’t count exactly) and yep, that cheesy catchphrase front and centre.  So while I hope I’m wrong, my guess is that Schwarzenegger’s highlight of the year could end up as being run-over by a Meercat in a golf buggy.

But whatever happens, it’s unlikely to end here.  Despite the reviews, T3 and Salvation took a combined $800m.  Whether Genisys is good or bad it will probably make money and the studio clearly agree as there are two more sequels already planned plus another new TV show.   Or as Kyle Rees predicted…it absolutely will not stop, ever, until we are all dead.


But what about you?  Glad he’ll be back or is it time to let it go?  What other franchise should hollywood bring back from the dead?  Let us know in the comments below

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