Early signs might suggest our reservations about Terminator Genisys were well-founded – but we’re not angry Arnold, just disappointed.  So, to prove we’re not all doom and gloom, we wanted to share the five reasons we’re excited about the new Star Wars.

In truth, we’d love to be cautious about this one, too – hope leads to excitement, excitement leads to expectation, expectation leads to crushing disappointment.  But we just can’t help it and here’s why:

1. Old gang, new tricks

sw7 cast read

Yes, we saw R2 and C3PO in the prequels, but it’s been 32 years since we last caught up with Han, Chewie and the rest of the gang.  These were the characters we loved and cheered for and it will be great to see what they’ve been up to since that epic party with the Ewoks (what goes on on Endor, stays on Endor).

At the same time, much like our rebel friends, the original trilogy are also starting to look their age.  Nostalgia, a decent imagination and some new effects (in the not-so-special editions) fill the gaps but can only do so much.  In contrast, the prequels laid on the CGI battles but they were a little shiny and weightless.  From the looks of the trailers, we will finally get to see epic intergalactic battles combined with the more grimey, realistic look of the originals.  Can’t.  Wait.

2. BB-8 : this is the droid you’re looking for


But as much as we’re looking forward to catching up with old friends, we’re also going to need new characters to keep things fresh.  And no-one said they have to be human.

Step forward BB-8, the adorable new roller-droid in danger of stealing R2’s thunder.  And the best news – he’s even kinda “real”!   In two trailers and that one live stage appearance, he’s already shown more personality than Jar-Jar ever managed.

3. Bye George. We’ve got it


Sorry Mr Lucas but our third reason is that you are going absolutely nowhere near to the script.

It’s feels sacrilegious to criticise the man that gave us American Graffiti, the original trilogy and Indiana Jones but, like Arsene Wenger, you could argue that there can be no room for sentiment.  Three prequels of tax disputes, “yippee”s and younglings plus a story credit on Indy 4 mean that there are few words we want to see less on a poster than “written by George Lucas”.  Harrison Ford was right, just a little early.  George, you can type this sh!t, but you sure can’t say it.

4. JJ’s done his warm ups


Now this one might not be popular with the Trekkies but let’s just get it out there.  The Star Trek reboots were basically a practice for the main event and the training wheels can now come off.  JJ Abrams has already shown he can blend action, spectacle and an engaging story and now let’s see him turn it up to 11.  Well, everything except the lens flare please.

5. Come on … it’s flippin’ Star Wars

sw7 title

OK, so this was never going to be well-balanced.

We love the superhero stuff but with Marvel and DC setting out there plans for years to come it’s going to be hard to stay excited.  We’ve had our final trek through middle Earth and sometimes we’re just not in the mood for a 6hr biopic of the man who invented match sticks.

Star Wars is a different kind of escapism, it’s about hope, faith and something more than just good over evil.  After the austerity, the misery and the disappointment of the prequels we simply need this.  And, if you are not excited after this?… well you’re in the wrong place.


Excited?  Worried they’ll mess up like it’s 1999? Unclear who we’re speaking to in these bits?  Drop us your comments below…

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