Great news for everyone who is not my fiancee or bank manager – I’ve finally cracked and bought a PS4.  Actually, thanks to a stupid amount of store credit and a deal on this awesome Batman limited edition model, even the bank account should be ok.

For me, going multiplatform means having access to the best games across both consoles and even more “free” games thanks to both Xbox live and PS Plus subscriptions.  And for this blog (and you, dear reader), the idea is it means better coverage of what’s new on each console and an unbiased view of industry developments.  I mean, you basically made me buy it – so thanks 🙂

As most of my friends are still on Xbox I’m expecting to keep the multiplayer stuff mostly on there but time, and Star Wars Battlefront, might change that.  But for now, and having also skipped the PS3, I’m excited to have access to PS4 exclusives like Bloodborne and Uncharted and catching up on those remasters of some PS3 classics.  Hell, I might even try out PS Now.

Exciting times.

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