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As a fan of films old and new, I’m very happy my subscriptions to Amazon and Netflix more than pay for themselves but they are what they are.  At that price and with some great TV included you’re never going to have loads of new stuff (and anyway, I have NowTV for that).  

However, not everyone thinks the same way and I regularly hear people complaining that there is nothing on them that is both good and relatively new to watch.  So here are five major, recent films available right now on Amazon Prime (UK).  

p.s. I`ll do the same for Netflix (UK) shortly and by “recent”, I’m talking a UK release of January 2014 or later.

The Imitation Game


Well worth its Best Picture nominations this year at both the Baftas and Oscars.  Thrilling, funny,  brilliant and released in cinemas just 9 months ago.  Great stuff.

12 Years a Slave


Winner of last year’s Oscar for Best Picture and universally loved by critics (with a score of 97 on metacritic from 48 reviews, it’s currently their 6th highest rated film ever).  It’s not an easy watch but it is another feather in the cap for Amazon’s prime instant video.



A bit less popular with critics but scoring well with users and based on yet another massively popular series of books.  It’s maybe a better choice for a Saturday night and certainly one of 2014’s big releases.  Switch your brain off, ramp up the surround sound and enjoy.



Putting Postman Pat to shame and proving that a &family& film doesn’t have to be just for kids this one was a really pleasant surprise when it hit cinemas in late 2014.  Just over 9 months later and you can watch it for free with Amazon – how much would that cinema trip have cost?

Inside Llewyn Davis


Another high profile film from early 2014 with incredibly good reviews.  The story is maybe a little more niche than some other options but a film by the Coen brothers is well worth making the list and usually delivers.  I`ve not seen it yet but plan to change that soon!

So those are my five big and recent releases available now on Amazon prime, plus honorable mentions to…

’71 – Very strong reviews for this brutal British story.

Pompeii – One of 2014`s big blockbusters.  Although I understand it`s not great, it`s still a big, recent release.  I quite enjoyed the book :)  

Cuban Fury – Formulaic but fun comedy from the likable Nick Frost (from the Cornetto trilogy). The boy can dance too.

Under the Skin –  Stylish and atmospheric indie featuring an incredible performance by Scarlett Johansson.  It’s definitely not for everyone though and, to be honest, I found it quite a slog.  See what you think.

The Double – Again, could be quite niche but a quirky thriller from the excellent Richard Ayoade. And, incidentally, if you`ve not seen Submarine (2010) that`s a little older but really good and on there too.  

Let me know if I’ve missed any and what you think in the comments below.

P.s. Thanks and a shout out to MaFt and his site at which I used to research this piece.  Check out this great site and follow the Twitter feed to keep up to date with what’s changed on Amazon prime.

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