Popcorn time

As fans of film and bringing people together, we are excited to announce we will shortly be launching our very own online film club!

We’re going to start with Amazon Prime Instant Video (UK catalogue) but we’re aiming to add new clubs for Netflix and (probably) NowTV in due course.

What is it?

An online movie club (you’re welcome Google bots) focused on mainstream/indie films that are available as part of your current subscriptions.  Nothing against art-house stuff, it’s just not our focus at the moment.

Why? Well, after we watch a film, we’ve always enjoy finding out what other people think.  Whether you live alone or just can’t get your partner to watch the films you like – our goal is to make streaming movies a more social experience.

How will it work?

We’ll pick the film (to begin with) and run a spoiler-free announcement page every Thursday on www.livewatchplay.com with some details.  If spoilers become a problem in the comments we’ll lock them initially and then open them up later but we’ll see how things go.

Once you’ve seen the film, head to the comments section to add your thoughts (or a short review) and to see what other people are saying.  We’ll post ours early on Friday, and comments will stay open as long as they are needed.

Want us to choose a specific film?  Send us your suggestions!

What’s on each week?

We have some ideas already but are open to suggestions too.  We’ll start on Thursday 10th September.

How can I join in?

Look out for the announcement (why not subscribe or follow us on Twitter?) and share your thoughts on the film.

We are also in the process of setting up a dedicated page and forums to make conversation easier to manage.  We’re also planning a “Wanted/Found” type service for members looking to watch something specific or more obscure.

Streamers?  What happened to the apostrophe?

I can try to rationalise it by saying the club is called “Streamers” but, yes, it annoys me too.  Blame the internet.  I try to imagine it’s there in invisible ink or something.


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