So it’s finally here, we may not have hoverboards and the Cubs winning the World Series (ok, it’s still technically possible) we can celebrate at least two things.

Firstly, we’ll never have to put up with idiots on Facebook posting stuff like this again

Err, no it f*cking wasn’t.  But I have some magic beans I’m selling…

and we also get to enjoy the various tributes, parodies and general LOLs going around the internet.

So while other sites have some good stuff about the movies themselveswhat “predictions” BTTF Part II got right and, wow, even what world leaders from 1985 would make of 2015 I thought I’d focus on just some of the fun stuff.  Here goes…

Top videos

First off we have some nice work from Pepsi.  Extra points for actually producing the stuff although it’s rather less impressive to make just 6,500 bottles and charge $20.15.  They sold out pretty much immediately of course.

Next up is Universal for the Jaws 19 trailer which I thought was pretty funny, despite being pretty half-assed.  I’d actually watch Jaws 15, that one sounded pretty good!

Over to the guys themselves (from around 40seconds) and here’s a pretty cool video from Toyota.  A bit lighter on the LOLs but a nice tribute and an important reminder that progress is happening, albeit slowly.

Getting tenuous now – I’m a fan of Jason Bradbury and can’t fault the effort but this one seems mostly for his own benefit.  I’m guessing it was pretty cool to see in person.

Top Tweets

Waterloo station tried to make the commute a little less miserable

VILLA nail my own disappointment in those imposter “hover boards”

Man City manage to be both brilliant and awful in one go

…and then, as so often, David Cameron ruins it for us all.

It’s the way he tells them. Sorry, back to work I guess folks? OK, one more thing…

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