Backwards compatibility, but at a price: is PS4 still “for the players”?

Last week, PS4 added “backwards compatibility” – starting with just 8 “fan favourite” PS2 games but no doubt growing over time.  Combined with Playstation Now (Sony’s impressive but expensive game-streaming service) this means PS4 owners have access to a huge catalogue of games from the past 20 years of Playstation.  Together with Shuhei Yoshida’s recent announcement that Sony are working on PS4 streaming to PC and Mac Sony appear to […]

Pneuma review (XBOne) – a breath of fresh air

Whatever some politicians and the Daily Mail would have you believe, not all games are about killing and dismemberment.  I enjoy a shooter as much as the next person but sometimes your mind and gamepad crave something different.  Pneuma is definitely that, and it thoroughly deserves your attention.  Currently (until 30th November) available for free as one of the Games with […]

October – the best month yet for frugal gamers

This time of year is always a good time for gamers with the run-up to Christmas seeing a flood of tempting big releases all vying for your time (or a slot in that ever-increasing backlog).  However, this October is also turning into a bit of a goldmine for the more patient or frugal gamer. Xbox live’s Games with Gold (GWG) […]

The Gamechangers – review

Described by the BBC as a “factual drama” and by Rockstar as random, made up bollocks, let’s just agree that The Gamechangers is a landmark moment for UK gamers.  Whatever the quality, here we have a 90 minute primetime BBC drama starring Daniel Radcliffe & Bill Paxton and centred around Grand Theft Auto (GTA), one of the biggest videogame […]

In praise of… Xbox Games with Gold

You can’t please everyone. I appreciate this was always the case, but now – largely thanks to the internet, comments sections and especially Twitter – you also get the pleasure of being constantly reminded of it.  Combined with a seemingly endless sense of entitlement and increasingly casual attitude to piracy – why pay for anything when I can […]

In praise of…the Sony Smartwatch 3

Let`s get it out of the way nice and early.  No, no-one really needs a smartwatch. It`s the most common question I get when wearing mine, although “ooh, is that an Apple watch?” is a pretty close second and just marginally more annoying.  But: Is it useful?                        Why would I want one? Which one […]